The World's Best Fan Cave Now Has the World's Okayest Podcast!

April 29, 2018

hockey fancave

"The World's Best Fan Cave Now Has the World's Okayest Podcast!"

Funny story...about 3 years ago the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave actually had a was horrible and by doing so, we completely ignored what made us captivating...our unique, handmade fan cave & 100+ hockey stick creations. We decided to move away from the voice space and go full blown into the visual medium.

Well, since it seems that worked and went well, and our audience has been growing, now that folks have gotten to know us on a personal level and seem to enjoy our personalities...still not sure why they do haha, but we've been asked and encouraged to develop a podcast to talk about hockey, creations, social media and anything else involving hockey. Therefore, we created CAVE TALK - Where Hockey is Only The Beginning.

We're about 4 episodes in and the response has been amazing & we can't wait to start bringing on guests, including some of our amazing partners that are part of the WE LIVE HOCKEY network. We've learned that people love to talk hockey and there's so much more to the sport, including the social media culture. So we decided to use hockey as the starting point and see where the topics of discussion lead us. So far it has been a blast and we're looking forward to bringing our followers & partners along for the ride.


Episode topics so far:

Episode 1: How to Get Broken Hockey Sticks

Episode 2: How to Grow Your Instagram Account

Episode 3: Interview with Kenn Shaw - How The Cave Came To Be

Episode 4: How to Get Sponsored by Hockey Companies.

Confirmed Guests (The List Keeps Growing!):

  • Pavel Barber (World's Best Stick Handler)
  • Kane Van Gate (Web Series)
  • Cody Porter (WHL Goaltender)
  • Trav4 (Youtuber)
  • Lee Elias (Hockey Wraparound)
  • Chris Kibui (Hockey Tutorial)
  • Tyler Cave (Professional Videographer and Film Maker)
  • NoName Hockey
  • Vinny Stellato (Hockey Sauce Kit)
  • A.J. (Dusty Hockey & Everything.Hockey91
  • Kevin Hennessey (SummerSkates)
  • Howies Hockey Tape
  • Floorball+
  • ShiftD Hockey
  • And you! our amazing fans!!